As a peer led agency, we recognize that every journey to recovery is unique. Our peer led classes encourage everyone to share their lived experience. We understand that by forming a community of individuals sharing a recovery journey, we offer support, acceptance and understanding. This support enables recovery to flourish and individuals to find the acceptance  they  need to move along their unique path of recovery.

 Our dedicated staff of Peer Support Specialist are trained and certified by OHMHAS. This training includes over 30 hours of class instruction, e-based learning courses and continuing education credits. Each Peer Support Specialist leads classes and spreads the message of hope. They are dedicated to helping increase independence and self esteem.

Meet the  Peer Support Specialist Staff located at The HOPE Community Center :

Nicole Carter: Nicole has been with the center for many years, most recently joining in December 2013 as Lead Peer Support Specialist.  

Stephen Banks: Stephen has been coming to the center for the past year and recently passed the Peer Support Specialist Certification Program.  

Pam West: Pam has been coming to the Center for the past year and recently passed the Peer Support Specialist Certification Program. 

Meet the Peer Wellness Coaches located at Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health-Amelia:

Carl Henthorn: Hopes to help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. In his spare time, he likes reading, playing the guitar and being outdoors as much as possible. He wants to learn new things every day and use the knowledge to help make a difference in people’s lives. 

Meet the Peer Wellness Coaches (Recovery Coaches) at Clermont Recovery Center a division of GCB:

 Rhonda Birkhimer: Brings years of volunteer service to the Clermont County Community. As a Peer Recovery Coach, she shares her own recovery journey to give hope to those now seeking recovery.

Jerry Wittmeyer: Brings over 10 years of recovery to his job as a Recovery Coach. He is active in sober support and brings an enthusiasm for helping others find their recovery.

Clermont Recovery Center is home to seven additional Recovery Coaches working to help others find their personal path to recovery.