Do you or a loved one need help with an addiction? Do you or a loved one need recovery support or assistance in navigating through the various treatment resources in and around our county? Are you new in your recovery and feel that you would benefit from some on-going recovery support? There's a collaborative effort among local, grass root groups in our county to help with the growing and overwhelming Heroin Epidemic.

The Hope Community Center in Amelia serves as a community resource center to assist individuals and their family members who seek recovery from the disease of addiction. The Center is open from 10:00 AM -12:00 PM on Fridays, and it will increase hours and days on an as needed basis.

The Hope Community Center is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers from some of the various local groups who have in one way or another been impacted by the disease of addiction. These volunteers presently serve in one or more of the following recovery assistance groups: SOLACE Clermont County, SMART Recovery, Brave Choices, AA, and NA. We will have Outreach Specialists and Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists onsite also.

Our goals are twofold: 1) to assist those who desire to go into treatment by educating them as to the various treatment opportunities available to them, and 2) to serve as a recovery support group to those who are early in their recovery with the goal of connecting them to the various agencies and resources available to them. We want to meet the person where they're at in their recovery and to help them move forward, thus alleviating some of the unnecessary stress that early recovery can bring.

It is important to note that all who seek support and treatment resources will be counseled in a non-judgmental and supportive manner.

We do not claim to offer professional advice; all resources and information provided by our volunteers are on a strictly non-professional basis. We are simply concerned citizens and families who also have been impacted by this horrible epidemic.

     The Hope Community Center is located at 4 Cecilia Drive, Amelia, Ohio. Walk-ins are welcome, and appointments along with more information can be obtained by calling a Peer Recovery Coach  at 513-732-5503. There are "no fees" for our services; however, donations are appreciated to help with our operating costs and to benefit those in need. Donations can be made to "The Hope Community Center" and should be earmarked for "Community Resource Center."

    We are also seeking to increase our volunteer base so if anyone is interested please call the phone numbers listed above for further details. If you want to help, we can certainly use your talents.

We must come together as a community to fight this horrible, horrible epidemic that has permeated our community and that is destroying our families. We believe that if we can help one person to recover, then they too will lend a hand to another to recover. This is how we fight this epidemic. The solution lies in us and in our community!!!

Stop in on Friday to learn about resources!

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